Food Allergies

My daughter, who is seven, developed a chronic sniffle and cough back in October that defied all remedies.  I tried natural remedies first, then called the pediatrician.  Because of the time of year, he thought maybe seasonal allergies were to blame, so we tried allergy medicine.  No results.  Fast forward through a series of doctor’s appointments and treatments and tests and chronic sinusitis, and here we are, six months later, with a cow’s milk allergy diagnosis.

*hit the floor*  A food allergy?!?!?

I have been feeding this girl milk, yogurt, sour cream, and all kinds of cheesy goodness since she was a toddler.  For six years.  With this diagnosis came a good deal of clarity and a hefty dose of mom guilt.  Ever since she was tiny, my daughter would opt to drink water instead of milk.  She rarely finished a container of yogurt, if she opened it at all.  She also rarely finished a bowl of ice cream.  She never really explained why, just said she didn’t want those things.  Maybe, all this time, her body was telling her that something was wrong.  How did I not see it sooner?

Mom guilt aside, we cut all cow’s milk and milk products from her diet and . . . the sinus infection is gone.  No more sniffle, no more cough.  The best part is, she says she feels amazing.  I am guessing that she didn’t even realize how badly she felt, because she probably had cow’s milk in her food every single day and didn’t have a frame of reference for how good she could be feeling!

We are in phase one of an elimination diet, meaning that we will try to introduce foods back into her diet to see how she tolerates them.  Reading labels is tough.  I make mistakes.  If any other parents have advice, blogs, recipes or ideas I could use, I would be so grateful.

I am thankful that we were able to figure out why my girl was feeling badly (yay science!) but curious about what to expect and where we go from here.