Hair Story

A long time ago in a blog far away, I told you about cowashing and my little hair experiment.  Here we are, over a year later, and this is how my hair looks . . .


I went in a month or so ago to have it trimmed, and my stylist commented that i had almost no split or dry ends, and that my hair was INCREDIBLY healthy.  Clearly, the elimination of shampoo was the right move for me.

Here’s my winter hair routine:

I “wash” my hair once every five days.  When I do so, I get it thoroughly soaking wet at the beginning of my shower, then I coat it with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day conditioner.  **yes, it is expensive, but it seriously rocks and when you only wash your hair every five days you can splurge a little bit.

When I say “coat”, I mean that I use six pumps of conditioner on my scalp alone.  Then, I use another six pumps on the middle section of my hair and my nape.  Another six pumps goes onto my ends.  I use my fingertips to really scrub my head and get the conditioner on every little bit of hair.  Then, I do the rest of my shower duties, and rinse the conditioner off last thing.  When I rinse it, I again scrub like mad, using my fingertips to really work the water into my scalp and get it rinsed.

Next, I wrap my head in an old t-shirt to absorb the extra water for about five minutes (this trick is amazing).  I gently comb out the tangles and apply Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Treatment, then air dry for about fifteen minutes.  Then, I blow dry, using a ceramic round brush and alligator clips.

My hair has serious volume and shine the first two days.  On the third day, I might need to apply a little hair BB cream to my ends (the picture above is day 3).  On the fourth and fifth day, I can do some great ponytails and braids using some dry shampoo at my roots to get serious volume.

My hair does not smell, nor does it get greasy when I work out.  I think my scalp is regulating itself really well and overall, my hair is far healthier than it has been since I was a child.