Working out with the Kids

How do we instill a love of exercise in our kids?  By including them!  Instead of putting the kids in ChildWatch, take them along for a run, a bike ride, or yoga!


They learn to love exercise by being a part of it!


Early Birds

My kids have been out of school for two weeks now, and it is shocking how little I have accomplished in that time.  I have the luxury of taking time off from my “real” job to be with them, as our balanced school calendar summer is quite short.  So, my people and I are together 24/7 in the summer.




So fortunate.  Wouldn’t change it for the world. 

But.  When you are trying to blog about fitness and get an actual workout in, and maybe build a business, this is not the best arrangement.

I love sleeping in, but I have concluded the only way to get stuff done is to get my rear in gear and out of my comfy bed before my darlings do.  So tough, but if I want to change my life and make big things happen, I have to show up and do the work.  

Accountability.  Who’s with me?!  

Busy Busy Busy!

I’ve been “not so great” about posting lately.  This fantastic Jen Hatmaker post sums up EXACTLY what’s been going on around here.

I’m barely keeping it together, people.  The end-of-school celebrations are taking up mucho tiempo, plus we had ten yards of mulch delivered before Memorial Day.  Ten yards is a LOT of mulch.  We decided to spread it ourselves, but of course my hubs threw his back out on day one of mulching.  Good thing I do massive amounts of core exercises, because moving that much mulch was serious work.  Nonetheless, by day 10 of moving mulch, even my back was out of sorts.  I had some physical therapy to un-stick all my joints, and now I’m back, good as new.

So, here are my latest obsessions:

Women's T-Thong Silver

Saltwater Sandals, in silver.  These are SO comfortable and they work with everything.

Athleta Hypersonic Bikini.  How AMAZING is this?!?!?  I want one.

A capsule wardrobe – I have been purging, purging, purging and it is so wonderful to look into my closet and only see pieces that I love!  Investment pieces, basics that can work with everything, and accessories to make outfits interesting.  Love.

Elk Rapids, Michigan.  The kids and I went for a long weekend, and I am obsessed.  It is near enough to Traverse City, the Leelanau Peninsula, and Sleeping Bear Dunes to take part in all of these wonderful areas, but sleepy and quiet enough that we can kick back and relax.  I want to move there immediately.

My organic garden, courtesy of our local seed library!  Our library has a variety of seeds that you can “check out” and plant.  We have tomatoes, sweet peppers, several varieties of pumpkins, squash, watermelon and string beans going for this year.  The littles are SO excited to watch everything grow, and I love that we are supporting open-pollination.

Selecting a new sunscreen for the season.  Have you see EWG’s new sunscreen guide for 2015?  There are so many great choices this year!  We are a pretty fair bunch, and so we go through a ton of sunscreen each year.  My battle is always to figure out how to balance our budget with a safe sunscreen.  I think this year’s pick is Alba Botanica Very Mineral Kids, as it has an EWG score of 2 and we were able to find it locally for $8 a tube.  Score!

What about you?  What are your obsessions as we enter Summer 2015?  I want to hear what’s new!