One year anniversary

I started a journey a year ago.  I was a runner, but didn’t have a lot of strength or energy.  I ate healthy, organic, whole foods, but lacked oomph.  I did not love how my clothes fit.  Though I was relatively thin, I felt self-conscious.  Something had to change.

Enter Shaina Allen, a childhood friend who had kept in touch via social media. Go ahead, click on her.  Check this lady out.  WHOA, right?  She’s amazing.  

Shaina introduced me to a new eay of eating and supplementing my body.  I was skeptical.  I tried it…sort of.   I wasn’t sure it was working.  I tried it some more.  I finally totally committed and started using the products she showed me regularly…and the magic happened. 

I haven’t lost weight, nor did I need to.  My body just…changed.  Lean, strong muscles, and definition galore.  I am strong.  Seriously strong.  We had ten yards of mulch delivered last week and I have laid almost all of it by myself.  My body is tighter than ever before.  I have ENERGY.  I wake up at 6:30 am, even on weekends, ready to go.

I haven’t just changed my body, I changed my life.  The added focus I have has allowed me to pursue goals and dreams I didn’t have the energy for previously.  I am learning a new language and how to play the guitar.  I work full-time.  I coach my kid’s soccer team.  I cook from scratch.  I exercise.  I do all my own housework, and now apparently the yard work.  😆

I love my life.  Thank you, Shaina.