Hot Toddy

I caught a nasty cold when I flew an an airplane two weeks ago.  I felt like my face was going to explode from sinus pressure, I had a sore throat, a nasty cough – the whole thing was incredibly unpleasant.  My go-to in these situations is saline spray, which can solve about 90% of my nasal woes generally speaking, and a cup of tea with honey.  This cold, however, was not helped by saline and tea.  I needed something stronger.

I found myself in the cold medicine aisle, desperate for SOMETHING to give me relief.  I was really frustrated, as there are so few cold remedies available without nasty additives.  All of the cough syrups were the color of markers, meaning they were full of dyes.  I headed home, frustrated and in pain.

When my husband came home, he felt really sorry for me.  In an effort to help, he made me a hot toddy.  AMAZING!  The drink soothed my throat, eased my sinus pain, and calmed by cough.  I slept much easier as well.  I was so thankful, and when I found out the ingredients in the drink, it made complete sense.



Put water in the tea kettle to boil.  Meanwhile, squeeze 1/4 of a lemon into a mug and drop the slice in.  Add 1 T of honey, a cinnamon stick, and a shot of whiskey to the mug.  When the tea kettle whistles, fill the mug with hot water.  Stir, and enjoy.

Obviously, if my cold spreads to my little ones, I will use this recipe (sans whiskey) to make a nice tea for them to drink!


Up and at 'em!

I adore the fall weather we are having.  Boots!  Sweaters!  Coats!  However, this time of year is always tough on my workout routine.  I get up an hour before my children do, so I can get my run/yoga/pilates in before they roll out of bed.  When the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it gets a WHOLE lot harder to pull myself out of bed when my alarm goes off.  My bed always seems like a really great place to be.

I have some tricks I use to keep myself up and on track:

1.  A second alarm across the room.  My kids will sleep through the sound of my first alarm, but a second alarm going off . . . nope.  The thought that my kids are going to be up before I’ve had my cup of coffee is enough to get me vertical.  Then, once I’m standing, going on to work out doesn’t seem so hard.

2.  Exercise clothes set out and waiting.  It seems so small, but the act of laying out my exercise clothes the night before is a huge push in the morning.  When I wake up and want to snuggle back to sleep, I feel like those clothes are STARING at me from across the room.  I start to feel guilty if they are sitting there, waiting, while I try to procrastinate.

3.  A pre-made breakfast smoothie.  I like to eat a little something before I work out, and while smoothies aren’t hard to make, they do involve a lot of cleaning up afterward.  If I make my smoothie the night before and have it waiting for me in the fridge, I am more likely to get my body in motion.

4.  Days off.  I work out every morning, Monday through Friday.  I never ever work out on the weekend, which is my reward for working hard during the week.  If I am tempted to skip a workout during the week, I always remind myself that a sleep in with my husband on Saturday is at stake.  This helps me get going.

What about you?  Do you have any tricks to get up and out of bed when the mornings are cold and dark?  I’d love to hear them!